R-package to be used to produce maps on the helseatlas.no web page.

A working document on the process of going from IA to RShiny can be found here (read only).

How to install the package


You have the run the following command first if you are behind Helse Nord proxy:

httr::set_config(httr::use_proxy(url="http://www-proxy.helsenord.no", port=8080))

How to use the package

Input data

The input to the shiny app is a data frame containing the following columns:

(level2) # optional
(level3) # optional

If you want to test the package you can use a dataset shipped with the package, namely shinymaps::kols.

Launch locally

Run the command

Submit to shinyapps.io

Run the command

shinymap::launch_application(dataset = <r data frame>, publish_app = TRUE, name = <appName>, shiny_account = <publishing account>)

Make sure that the version of shinymap installed and active in your Rsession is installed directly from github, since it also has to be installed on shinyapps.io. Also remember to connect to your shinyapps.io profile.

Run a local copy of the package

  • Download the package from github
  • Open the shinymap folder in RStudio
  • Install required packages, if not installed already. This can be done by devtools::install_github("Helseatlas/shinymap"). This will install the shinymap package from github and at the same time install all the required packages.
  • Build the package (Ctrl+Shift+B on Windows/Linux or ⌘-⇧-B on Mac).
  • Put some data in healthatlas_data and define some parametres
  • Run the app, either by open the file inst/app/server.R and push the button or


  • Fork me
  • Clone your fork (replace <username with your github user name), create a branch and push it
git clone git@github.com:<username>/shinymap
cd shinymap
git checkout -b super-duper-idea
git push -u origin super-duper-idea
  • Do your changes, commit your changes and push your changes (please remember to add tests and documentation!)
git add .
git commit -m 'My super duper idea'
git push
  • Create a pull request (PR).
  • Wait for PR to me reviewed and tested.